GedlingNewsTop StoriesGet a glimpse inside abandoned former station building in Gedling

For nearly 100 years Gedling Station played host to thousands of passengers taking trains to and from Gedling.

But sadly, the shutters were finally brought down on the station back in 1962.

The building was then given a new purpose – housing one of the area’s popular youth clubs for over forty years.

The kids have now long since left as the club was closed during the early part of this century, leaving this historic building in a state of disrepair.

But a team of volunteers have plans to breathe new life into the former Gedling Station building and celebrate its heritage.

To promote their campaign, the building was today opened by Friends of Gedling Station to visitors who could explore the once-magnificent Victorian building and learn more about it’s history.

Evidence of its use as a youth club still remains and these pictures will hopefully bring back memories for those using it as  station and also people who spent the best part of the teenage years there when it hosted the Gedling Youth Club.

Gedling Eye would like to thank Francis Rodrigues and Friends of GedlinG Station for the tour and allowing us to take pictures.

Tours of the building for the public are arranged on a regular basis. Look out for more info about tours and also the group’s campaign to save the station at their website: on twitter:

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