ArnoldNewsFlood waters force travellers off Arnold park

A group of travellers who had set up camp on an Arnold park have now been forced off the site by flood water.

Gedling Borough Council told followers off their Facebook group that the storm and torrential rain on Tuesday evening had caused flooding at Thackeray’s Lane Recreation Ground.

The group moved onto the site last Friday afternoon (8) and the council immediately took action to have them removed, serving an eviction notice on the group that same afternoon.

VACATED: The park on Thackeray’s Lane is now empty after travellers fled the scene after Tuesday’s storm (PICS: Gedling Borough Council)
(PIC: Gedling Borough Council)

Now they have vacated the park, Gedling Borough Council announced in a Facebook post that the clean-up operation will now begin

A spokesman said: “As you can see [in the photos] , the area has been left in a terrible state and will take time to clean up. We appreciate your patience as we begin the clean up operation.”

Following a number of incidents involving travellers in the borough over the summer, local MP Vernon Coaker has now called on the government to look at changing existing legislation.

He said: “Last¬†Thursday I stood up in the House to demand we have an urgent debate on Travellers. Here in Gedling, there have been a number of incidents throughout the summer, and whilst both our police and Gedling Borough Council have worked hard to resolve the issue, it is clear to see we need a greater change.

We must adapt our existing legislation so that both in our constituency and around the country, these reoccurring issues cease to exist. This will be done by focusing on the long-term goal, and a system that allows everyone to enjoy their community and a peaceful resolution for all.

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  • David

    Sep 16, 2017 at 10:29 am

    Why on Earth do these people have to leave such a mess behind? If they tidied up after themselves, they may find that their presence is a little more tolerated.


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