Council serves travellers at Colwick site with legal notice


A group of travellers who have set up camp on recreational ground in Colwick have now been served with a legal notice by Gedling Borough Council.

Complaints were made to Nottinghamshire Police and Gedling Borough Council after a group of around thirteen caravans entered the Colwick Rectory Recreation Ground site on Monday evening.

It is believed they gained access to the site by removing a post in a pathway off Crosslands Meadow.

Gedling Borough Council has now issued the group with a civil notice, but it could be a couple of weeks until the council and police can take back possession of the land.

But the council said they expected the group to leave before the court date which they said: “probably means they will be there for a week to ten days”

In a statement yesterday, Gedling Borough Council outlined what action had been taken.

A spokesman for the council said: “We’ve been out to the site this morning and we have begun the legal proceedings against the unauthorised encampment.

“We are working closely with the Police and are making the necessary assessments and will attempt to resolve the situation as soon as possible.

“We will keep everyone up to date as and when we have more information.”

Following complaints, Cllr Meredith Lawrence also kept residents updated via a Colwick residents group page on Facebook.

In a statement on behalf of Gedling Borough Council he wrote: “There were thirteen caravans on site and some cars but no work type vehicles, and I recorded all the registration numbers. All the occupants on the site at the time of the visit were woman and children and they were on the face of it friendly.

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“Eviction letters were served on every caravan between 15.00 and 15.10 giving them 24 hours to leave the site. some of the elder woman told me that they would not be gone in that time.

“Three notices were placed on the site at the entrances.”

“I believe they gained access by removing a post in a pathway off Crosslands Meadow but have since opened a gate near the pavilion on the park. We have identified a way to secure both vehicle entrances as well as the pedestrian entrance.

He added: “The travellers have asked for both a toilet and a refuse bin and I will arrange this later today, they did promise to use both respectfully.

“The site was very clean, the travellers relatively friendly, the children polite and the Caravans and vehicles all had English registration plates.”

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