*Updated* Council get court order to remove travellers in Colwick


Gedling Borough Council has been granted powers by the court to take possession of a site currently being occupied by a group of travellers in Colwick.

Officers will now visit the Colwick Rectory Recreation Ground today to serve papers for immediate eviction.

If this is not complied with, the council has also asked the court to take action to ensure eviction happens, which court officials will undertake.

The council now believes this eviction will take place within two days.

Following the eviction, the council have said they will clear any debris left behind and also secure the site.

A group of around thirteen caravans set up camp at Colwick Rectory Recreation Ground on July 24.

It is believed they gained access to the site by removing a post in a pathway off Crosslands Meadow.

Eviction letters have already been served on every caravan which gave them them 24 hours to leave the site. Three notices were also placed on the site at the entrances.

PICTURED: Colwick Rectory Recreation Ground

A spokesman for Gedling Borough Council said earlier today: “We have a court hearing on Wednesday, which was the first available date we could get into court.

“We will ask for powers to evict the people on the site and if granted we will then begin proceedings to remove.

He added: “We have provided bins and toilets and have had regular dialogue with the people on site and do not anticipate a significant clear up once they leave. Until the court hears us then unfortunately, there is not much more we can do other than monitor the situation.”

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