Class A drugs found during police raids across Calverton


Nottinghamshire Police yesterday found and seized Class A drugs during a series of drugs raids across Calverton.

The Gedling Neighbourhood Policing team carried out three succesful drugs warrants which were done in conjunction with other teams from the force including a specialist drugs dog unit.

Three addresses were targeted in the village, including a public house. An amount of Class A drugs were found during the raids.

A spokesman for Nottinghamshire Police said: “The Neighbourhood Police team will now be working with various agencies including housing associations and licensing to follow up on todays find

“This was an intelligence-led operation and today’s warrants would not have been possible without members of the public giving information to the police.”

If you have any information regarding drug supply or other criminal activity in your area then contact police on 101 or via crimestoppers anonymously, alternatively you can contact your local neighbourhood team.


  1. How do I report a problem I have with this post… it is inaccurate and miss leading… it was not a successful raid on 3 properties and your post should make that quite clear it is damaging and completely wrong

  2. Hi Tracey. Sorry you are offended by this story. We took it from the Nottinghamshire Police local beat team’s website, so presume it to be correct. To complain you would have to email firstly, and if you weren’t satisfied with the outcome then it can be raised with Impress.

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