Council begin clean up after travellers are removed from site in Arnold

Travellers have left playing fields in Arnold after setting up an unauthorised three-day camp there.

Gedling Borough Council used Common Law to remove the group who were staying on Church Lane playing fields, which are located behind St Mary’s Church.

The group set up the camp back on Tuesday (18)

Cllr Michael Payne, who is deputy leader of Gedling Borough Council, thanked residents for their patience in waiting for the removal of the group.

He said: “I’m pleased to report that working with Nottinghamshire Police, Gedling Borough Council has successfully managed to deal with the unauthorised encampment on St Mary’s recreation ground and move it off our park this morning.

“As the local councillor for Redhill, my priority was always to ensure this issue was dealt with this in the swiftest and safest way possible.

“This is the quickest Gedling Borough Council has been able to deal with an unauthorised encampment and for that I’d like to thank all our officers involved in supporting me to deal with this issue. Gedling Borough Council used the Common Law to deal with this issue, which allowed us to tackle the problem quicker than pursuing action through the courts.”

Council officers are now cleaning up our park and securing the site.

Cllr Payne added: “I will also be visiting the park next week with Gedling Borough Council officers to put a plan of action in place for further increased security at the site.

“For the last few months I’ve been working with Gedling Borough Council to secure improvements to the children’s play park and recreation ground. These improvement will also be put in place over the coming weeks and months.”

What is common law?

Under common law, landowners have the right to remove travellers from their land using reasonable force if required. Evictions under common law are normally carried out by Enforcement Agents, (previously Bailiffs) who are instructed by the landowner.


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