CarltonNetherfieldNewsAnger from passengers in Gedling borough over plans for record rail fare rise

Train passengers in Gedling borough will face another price hike in the new year – with rail fares set to increase by an average of 3.1 per cent.

The rail industry today announced the latest rise, which will be the largest to hit passengers since January 2013.

The price increase will affect regulated fares, which includes most annual season tickets, some off-peak return tickets on long-distance journeys and flexible Anytime tickets around major cities. Other fares are set by train companies.

The rise will come into force on January 2, 2019.

The Rail Delivery Group said: “Not all fares increase: some fares may go up, many will stay the same and some will reduce in price.

“Discounting by train companies has contributed to passenger numbers more than doubling in the last 20 years. There were 1.7 billion journeys on our railway last year (2017-18). That’s more than 4.7million journeys a day on average.”


News wasn’t well received by some passengers in Gedling borough.

Mike Richmond catches a morning train from Carlton station to Derby.

He said: “The service from Carlton is quite reasonable but I don’t think they can justify another hike. The trains are dirty and decrepit. The service is average, it’s not improving so I don’t see the need for us to pay more.

He added: “If they do put it up they shoudl give some of the money to Tony Cave. He does more to promote the railways and look after the stations around here than the train firm themselves.”

One passenger who didn’t wish to be named said: “The trains are filthy and I feel for the ticket people who have to be the face of the company and take abuse over the late trains all teh time. If the prices do go up the bosses need to do more to improve services.”

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Julie Cartwright catches the train at Netherfield Station and was very unhappy about the news.

She said: “I have given up the train to Nottingham from here. It should arrive at 7.42am but it’s at least ten to fifteen minutes late on most days and often a carriage short that means you are crammed in like sardines. How the blind guy with his dog copes is beyond me. I miss my connection to Leicester now on most days so I will probably start driving instead if prices rise as it’s not worth it.”

Gedling Eye has contacted East Midlands Trains for a comment.

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